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Advyth a.k.a. Shriram Bhaskaran has been in banking for the last 20 years and he started venturing into writing with his first novel Why ME? He had written three novels including this one and all three are from different genres (corporate story, psychological thriller and love story). He had also directed a few short films for international film festivals and his passion towards film making made him a writer.

about the book

This novel employs a distinctive 'three-layered' structure, with an embedded narrative and is written in an entertaining conversational style. Primarily a coming-of-age story, it has strongly romantic elements, while trains and, of course, the rain have pivotal roles in the story. Readers are sure to be intrigued by the peculiar situations the lead characters often find themselves in. There is fun, chat, love, pain aplenty to be had in this novel “and, it rained again”.


And it rained again

My first blog in 40 years.Have not read any blogs as well in the past. Let me start my own style over here. Night train journey, raining cats and dogs, life takes you by surprise,someone was waiting ........

Welcome my readers to the world of fiction

Welcome Readers I would like to welcome my readers to the world of fiction. I started living my dream for the last two years and it all started with Corproate thriller. Had one bad day at office an ........



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